Dedicated Operator

For a business to grow, the resources involved must be a right fit. Support Operator is home to a pool of talent with varying levels of experience and expertise.
Businesses may refrain from hiring a dedicated team member due to several reasons which includes lack of budget, inaccessibility to the right talent and / or the nature of the project. In any case, Support Operator can fill the gap by selecting the right resource from its talent pool.
We are flexible with the client’s working hours and are not restricted by any particular time zone. We allow our clients to enjoy top class technical expertise without having to bear the additional costs of in-house recruitment.

Jr.System Engineer

$800/mo Upto 1 year experience Order Now

System Engineer

$1200/mo 2 to 3 years experience Order Now

Sr.System Engineer

$1600/mo Upto 5 years experience Order Now

Team Leader

$3000/mo 5+ years experience Order Now

Features Support Operator offers technical support through dedicated resources at all levels and includes the following features.


Your Own White Labelled Dedicated Admin While we source and train our resources, you can be certain that they will adapt to your ways of working and dedicate themselves to assisting your brand in achieved optimized outcomes.


Hire Multiple Admin To Build A Team Hire more than one admin and enjoy the synergy of their collaboration across a whole set of functions for your server environment.


Hosting Control Panel Installation and Setup We support our clients through adept control panel installation services and ensure that the servers are set ready for the production.


7 Days Free Trial And Tech Interview Contact us to set up a free trial service with one of our expert operators after a tech interview. The operator will be available within 48 hours of order completion and clients can take an informed decision of obtaining first-hand experience with the operator.


Your SLA, Your Response Time Guaranteed Support Operator is known for its promptness and quality of services and all resources availed through us will carry and implement these features while serving their respective clients.


VPS Control Panel Installation and Setup All plans allow the dedicated operator to offer top class VPS control panel installation and setup services.


Operating System Support Included Our plans are inclusive of OS support for a number of Windows, Linux and Unix flavored operating systems.


Openvz,Xen,KVM & Vmware Technologies Our support plans cover virtualization technologies such as Openvz, Xen, KVM and Vmware. Feel free to contact our team if you are looking for other alternative technologies.

We are people first company.