Terms of Service Support Operator

The use of services from Pitroda Technologies & Research center (hereafter referred to as "SupportOperator") constitutes an agreement to these terms. ( "SupportOperator", "The Company", "We", "Us", and "Our") agrees to provide services to the Customer, subject to the following Terms of Service (TOS) . "You" means the person or company who is using our service(s) or product(s).


Where relevant, you agree to provide us with sufficient detail about, and access to, your services, policies and systems to enable us to provide the service to you and your customers. Support Operator will not be responsible for any problems or downtime of your servers and any kind of service interruption due to server downtime.


Customer agrees that The Company automatically charges customer’s credit card, check or Paypal account every month. For prepaid services, the term shall terminate when credit is no longer sufficient to pay for services. Support Operator generates and sends all invoices 14 days in advance of the due date. You are responsible to pay any payments and fees by the due date. Support Operator may temporarily deny service or terminate this Agreement upon the failure of the customer to pay charges when due. Such termination or denial will not relieve subscriber of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges. Service will be interrupted on accounts that reach 7 days past due. Support Operator will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer because of your failure to make payment. Support Operator makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, for the services we provide.


Cancellation has to be made by emailing sales for authorization purpose and not by informing it on live chat or any of our IM (Instant Messengers). Although no notice is required, and there is no cancellation fee. You reserve the right to cancel the service for any reason with prior notice of 30 days. If you have a past-due balance on your account at the time the account is closed (either by your request or due to non-payment), the remaining balance must be paid within 30 days of when the account is closed. If we do not receive payment on the remaining balance in that time, we will begin efforts to collect any fees owed. If our internal collection efforts fail, we reserve the right to turn the account over to a third party (either a collections agency or an attorney) for further action.

Customer Abuse

Support Operator has a zero tolerance policy for abusive language and/or abusive behavior towards our company, the service we provide and/or our employees. Any customer deemed at our sole discretion to be abusive will result in immediate irrevocable account termination. Threats to sue, slander, libel, etc. will all be considered abuse.

Response Time

Response time is defined as the initial response recorded on the ticket, which provides the customer with a status update and or response. Support Operator agrees to provide a guaranteed response time of 15 minutes for all support tickets. Refunds / credits will be provided at the sole discretion of Support Operator, if found to be in violation of terms listed. We don't provide any guaranteed resolution time as it will depend upon the type of the tickets


If any ticket exceeds our TOS, a prorated refund upon request will be given and determined based on the amount of tickets you submitted within the last 30 days. Requests for a TOS refund must be reported within 30 days of the date that the TOS was exceeded by opening a Feedback ticket. Under no circumstances can the refund exceed the amount you paid for one month of service. Refunds of any kind for any reason may take up to 7 days from the time the refund is requested or offered for processing.

Disclosure of Confidential Information

From time to time, the Disclosing Party may disclose Confidential Information to the Receiving Party. The Receiving Party will: (a) limit disclosure of any Confidential Information to its directors, officers, employees, agents or representatives (collectively “Representatives”) who have a need to know such Confidential Information in connection with the current or contemplated business relationship between the parties to which this Agreement relates, and only for that purpose; (b) advise its Representatives of the proprietary nature of the Confidential Information and of the obligations set forth in this Agreement and require such Representatives to keep the Confidential Information confidential; (c) shall keep all Confidential Information strictly confidential by using a reasonable degree of care, but not less than the degree of care used by it in safeguarding its own confidential information; and (d) not disclose any Confidential Information received by it to any third parties (except as otherwise provided for herein). If you do not accept or understand any part or parts of our ‘Terms of Service and Policies’, please contact us immediately prior to signing up with our service. By subscribing to and/or utilizing our services, you agree to accept, comply, and understand all of our ‘Terms of Service and Policies’ in full.