Per Ticket Support Plans

Per ticket support plans for servers are based on per issue or per incident and the choice of plan depends entirely on the needs of the particular client organization. Our ticket support plans are nominally priced and it is one of the best ways to leverage our expertise in keeping your websites up and running smoothly forever!

Select A Plan

We offer four different options under the per ticket support service. To avail our outstanding server support, pick the most appropriate plan and we will get started.

SOT 25

$50/mo Per Ticket Price $2.00 Ticket Includes 25 Order Now

SOT 100

$150/mo Per Ticket Price $1.50 Ticket Includes 100 Order Now

SOT 250

$250/mo Per Ticket Price $1.00 Ticket Includes 250 Order Now

SOT 500

$400/mo Per Ticket Price $0.80 Ticket Includes 500 Order Now

Our Features

All our Per Ticket Support Plans share some common features for the benefit of all our clients. Find out what is included and what isn't in our per ticket support plans.


Supported Control Panel Software Support Operator extends support to a number of control panel software products such as cPanel, Plesk and Directadmin. Non-Control Panel servers are not included under this plan


We Provide 30 Minute Response Time Guarantee Once your incident ticket has been accepted into the relevant department, we get to work and ensure any problem is resolved within minutes. This facility is available 24/7.


Initial Setup And Control Panel Installation Our per ticket plans can be made to accommodate control panel setup and installation services but will however be charged exclusively on an hourly basis. This applies only to the per incident based plans.


Operating System Support We support a number of operation systems that in the flavor of Linux and Windows. Talk to one of our representative to find out the complete list of operating systems included within the plans.


Account Transfer On Per Ticket Base Since these plans are priced on a per ticket basis, any account transfer will be considered as one single individual support request.


Server Security And Hardening Services Security is a major parameter to be achieved for the smooth functioning of a website and to prevent loss of data. Avail our exceptional server hardening services for a minimal rate while choosing one of the per ticket support plans.

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