Server Support

Support Operator acts as a reliable partner in delivering optimized server support services round the clock. Failing servers can have a devastating impact on your business. The expert team at Support Operator offers enhanced server support plans to ensure maximum uptime for websites.
Our technical expertise and commitment to deliver the best will ensure that all servers are carefully monitored and issues are resolved within the shortest time span. We handle both Linux and Windows servers with multiple control panel configurations. By partnering with us, businesses can focus on their core competencies while we take care of all the server needs.


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Our Features Our Server Support Plans are built to help businesses obtain maximum benefits in the most cost-effective manner. Some of the distinguished features included in our plans are:


Supported Control Panel Software Our Linux and Windows-supported control panel software allows businesses to enjoy simplified server and website management.


We Provide 20 Minute Response Time Guarantee Every minute of website downtime affects the business drastically. We value your business like our own and thus offer 30-Minute guaranteed response time round the clock. We are available day and night and help the server to get back to stable form in no time if any issue arises.


Initial Setup And Control Panel Installation We take care of the initial control panel installation process by leveraging our seasoned expertise while allowing clients to sit back and relax.


Disaster Management and Hacking Investigation Updated passwords, secured network access, tracking down areas of vulnerability and regular monitoring of server logs are some of the preventive measures adopted by Support Operator. Even the most secure servers can be hacked and therefore Support Operator uses a highly proactive approach to ensure maximum protection.


Server optimization We support server optimization through two ways. Primarily we focus on minimizing server downtime through our enhanced monitoring systems and secondly we increase the efficiency of the servers through eliminating the smallest performance issues.


Operating System Support Our enhanced operating system support service protects servers running crucial applications from the slightest chance of crashing. We support all common operating systems with diagnostic testing and in the case of a break incident; we restore the system with zero delay.


Account Transfer On Per Ticket Base All pricing plans are flexible and clients can purchase their membership based on the number of tickets they would require for their business model.


Server Security And Hardening Services Infected servers are a serious threat to any business. Our server hardening services includes installation of the most updated software to ensure maximum server protection and we also promise to enhance the lifespan of the servers significantly. With Support Operator by your side, you can be 100% sure that your data is safe.


24x7 Server Monitoring We are there to care for your servers even when you are not around. While issues can be resolved in no time by our expert team of technicians, we ensure such unwarranted situations are kept at bay through our robust monitoring software services.


Customized Pricing Options We serve all types of clients, of varying sizes and types. Our support service plans can be customized to fit the particular needs of clients. Our primary concern is not to make a sale but to match the plans with the specific business needs of an organization.

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